Malina is a mother of two, trying to make ends meet like so many of these trapped women. Her parents had already passed away when her husband, too, passed away.

Instead of helping out, her husband’s family left her to take care of the children on her own. In this situation she entered the industry ten years ago, and there Malina remains today. When she started in prostitution, the pimp had total control of her life. All money passed through the pimp’s hands; all decisions were based on the pimp’s thoughts. While Malina now has more freedom to collect her own payment from her clients, she still sees no way out.

Malina greatly wants to leave the trade. She’s tried to obtain support from the government to care for her children, as the death of her husband would warrant. Yet again her husband’s family refuses to help. Perhaps they know how she’s tried to support her children and have decided she’s not worth helping. In any case, they won’t turn over the death certificate. Without it, she can’t get support. She’s stuck.



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