The slim girls look the best right? At least that seems to be one of the assumptions in the prostitution industry. The pimps, happy to believe this, don’t waste time and resources making sure the women working under them have decent nutrition.

It is always a joy for us to see Nursulu. She is a tiny woman with a big heart living in a small brothel with no running water, where 10 or 11 of the women share just one cup. They are in a poor part of town and know if a client wants the cheapest sex – they are the ones he will come to.

This particular day we had bought bananas. Nursulu ate three in a matter of minutes. Realising how hungry she was, we asked Nursulu and her friends what sort of food they’d prefer we bring. No-one knew. They simply weren’t used to being offered a choice in anything.

It is not just Nursulu’s brothel where this is happening. It is so prevalent that one pimp introduced herself to us as being good and kind – simply because she gave the women working under her more to eat than two minute noodles.

No wonder Nursulu was hungry.


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