No one forced Lana to enter the prostitution industry. But one man did force himself into her body. She didn’t want it, she didn’t go out and make it happen, but still she engaged in sex outside of marriage. In Lana’s small, conservative community this was enough to bring shame on her and her family. So her family shunned her, and Lana was on her own.

Lana wasn’t mad at her family. She knew they were right. She was dirty, vile and unworthy. In her eyes she was only good for one thing. She moved to the big city and began working in the prostitution industry.

As sometimes happens, the freedom with which she choose to enter was slowly eroded as the pimps gained more and more power over her.

It wasn’t until she had been in the trade for 17 years that Lana was finally able to forgive herself and, with the help of an NGO, escape the trade.


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