Kimbat smiled as she watched the puppy playing in the snow. It was very cute and cuddly looking. Maybe she would ask for a cuddly toy puppy for her next birthday. That would be nice, her own little puppy to love and to hug. It had been such a good day. Her friends had come over and they’d played peek-a-boo. Her best friend was still with her now. She wasn’t going to leave her like everyone else did.

At first Kimbat pretended she didn’t see the older man approaching. She wanted to continue playtime. But she also knew what would happen to her if she refused to work. She bid her friend and the puppy goodbye and led the man into the brothel.

How was the client supposed to know that Kimbat’s mind was only that of a seven or eight-year-old?  She had the body of someone in her mid-twenties, and an attractive one at that. How could he have known that he was taking advantage of someone who didn’t even realise what was happening?


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