Kara sat on the cold, dusty floor of the corridor in her brothel. She kept her headphones firmly in her ears and blasted hip-hop music.

She had grown up an orphan and was trafficked into Kazakhstan at age 16 – with no-one to look for her, the world of prostitution became her life. She’d never exactly been happy about it. But she made friends with some of the other girls in the same situation. At least she wasn’t alone and at least she was surviving.

When she became pregnant she was cautiously optimistic. Here would be someone she could love! For Kara and her friends being a wife and a mother was the ultimate achievement a woman could make. She knew there was very little chance of her being a wife now – who would have her? But being a mother was something she could do.

Unfortunately for Kara, that wasn’t to be – her captors didn’t want her to waste her time child-rearing, so within 10 days of her baby’s birth, the baby was sold and Kara was back to work.


We are a group of volunteers committed to exposing modern day slavery here in Kazakhstan and providing assistance and alternatives to those trapped in it. If you would like to find out more or talk to us further, please use the form below to get in touch or send us a private message on one of our social media accounts.