Aisha tugged the sleeve of her blouse a little further down her arm. The bruises hadn’t really healed enough for her to be out on the street again, but there wasn’t anything she could do – they needed the money.

Her husband and children, each with their own mouth to feed waited at home. So too did another notice about her husband’s car loan. She couldn’t afford to take time off, besides, what kind of mother didn’t put herself through a little pain for the sake of her children?

A client drove up and, as Aisha flashed him her most seductive smile and he slowed to a stop. She got in his car. It’s not so hard if you remember why you’re doing it. She would picture her husband the whole time. Stroking her hair, snuggling together watching a movie, leaning over her with his fists for the 3rd time this month demanding she explain how she dared expect him to cook for the children while she worked and shoving her out the door to make him more money.

Hurriedly she pushed the last image out of her mind. He loved her. He would change soon. She was nearly sure of it.


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